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Official Forum Rules

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Official Forum Rules Empty Official Forum Rules

Post  MediaStash on Sat May 02, 2009 11:00 am

Official Forum Rules

General Rules:

1. MediaStash targets a general audience. Our site is designed for 13 year olds and older. Everything must be appropriate for this age and older. Explicit, vulgar language, drug talk, nudity, and so forth is not allowed.
2. All publicly displayed messages are limited to English only. This includes posts, titles, signatures, profiles, other forms of public display.
3. Do not act like a moderator, instead we would appreciate if you use the report button.

Infraction System:

1. Members who break any of the rules will be punished accordingly to what a moderator thinks you deserve!
2. Depending on the offense, you have a maximum of 2 infractions before you get ban!
3. Your infraction will eventually expired, in a few days.
4. If you don't know why you were given an infraction, a notification will be sent shortly after.
5. Do not argue with the moderator that gave you an infraction, instead talk to an administrator.

Posting Rules:

1. All Topics must include a vivid description.
2. Flaming another member or forum is not allowed!
3. Bumping a thread is allowed, as long as you have crucial information regarding the thread!
4. Double Posting of links is not allowed, keep it on your own thread!
5. Avoid posting pictures above 350 x 220 in size, instead upload them on a site were it allows you to resize them or show them as thumbnails.
6. We are not responsible for anything you post, further more we don't support link theft or care about it. However if its already posted here you will be given an infraction!
7. The following is not allow to be posted: malicious hacking/cracking tutorials, fraud, drug related, fake advertisements, site advertisements of any kind, and porn.
8. No going off topic!
9. Requesting upload site mirrors on a topic is allowed as long as it is asked politely!
10. Removal of any moderated message is not allowed!
11. Posting serial numbers, or license keys are not allowed!
12. Writing in all capital letters, even on a thread title is not allowed!

Private Messaging Rules:

1. All of the rules apply!
2. Report any malicious Private messages.

Spam Rules:

1. Passwords that advertise other sites are allowed, provided that they are required. If the passwords are not required the poster will be given an infraction as a spamming member.
2. The following is not allowed: a site that protect links, adult content, wares sites, sites that ask for a fee or required you to subscribe/register, and account phishing!
3. You can not have any links advertising another site in your avatar, profile, signature, or any public section of the forums!
4. Posting of 5 words or less will be targeted as spam!
5. The posting of similar threads is not allowed!
6. No posting to increase post count!

Ranking Up Rules

1. If your on multiple sites, chances are that you may not be rank up!
2. Sending a link to your profile will get you rank up!
3. Do not pm or ask an administrator for a rank up. Unless its for uploader status!
4. If a member deserves a rank up, the administrators will decide along with the moderators if needed!
5. An announcement will be posted when ever we need a new moderator!
6. Administrators are always able to take any ranks away from members!
7. Do not ask what it takes to be a moderator unless we need one!
8. Being active, posting, and uploading may get you rank up!
9. Note that a rank up may not be given to you even if you follow the rules!

User Names, Avatars, and Signature Rules:

1. All of the forum rules apply to the user names, avatars, and signatures.
2. A maximum of 15 letters are allowed on your user name! No email user names be original!
3. If a member has the site name or any other name unfit as a user name, we reserve the right to change it!
4. The maximum size of an avatar is 125 by 125 pixels and has to be less than 195.3 KB in size.
5. The maximum size of your custom signature is 500 by 150 pixels.
6. A maximum of 3 images are allowed to be posted in your signature at once! This excludes any moderators or special members!
7. We reserve the right to change any avatars or signatures if we see them unfit for the site!

Explicit Content Rule:

1. If there is an active adult section the following rules change but only in the adult section!

* Adult section is only meant for members of the age of 18 and older only!
* Able to post adult content, limited to porn videos, pictures, games, and music!
* Able to talk and chat on an adult level, 18 and older only!

MediaStash Policy:

Everyone in MediaStash will like to wish our members a safe and enjoyable experience. For this reason we suggest not to reveal any crucial private information. The staff will never keep track of any passwords,ip addresses,e-mails,or any information the site ask you to input! Also no personal information will ever be release to the public,however violators will be track down and monitor for the community safety. Our goal is not to create a community were someone can make money, but instead a place were you can come together to share,talk,and debate about your environment in a polite and educated manner. We hope you don't regret joining our community,and we will like once again to thank everyone that is willing to make this community possible.

*These Rules are active 5/1/2009 - 5/1/2010 for https://mediastash.forumotion.com/

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